Bad Blogger

Tomorrow our son will be two months old. It seems ridiculous to me that time has gone by so quickly. I keep waiting for a reprieve, for things to stand still for a moment while I catch up, but everything keeps moving right along.

Quinn is a dream baby. He is super laid back, easy going, goes with the flow, eats well, sleeps well and is happy to be dragged from pillar to post to see everyone who loves him. L, J and I spend hours looking at him, wondering how it is we actually ended up with this living, breathing miracle. I love his intense stares, the way he makes “dolphin” noises in his sleep and way he snuggles into my chest on the couch in the evenings. And although I love the fact that our son is so strong and healthy, I wish he would slow down a little in the development stakes – rolling at four weeks was not in my plans for him!

We have settled into a nice easy pattern of parenthood, where things are mostly the same as before, but a thousand times better because he is here with us. We have taken him to restaurants, holidays to the country, quiz night, birthday parties and pubs – and he has taken it all in his stride. I am amazed at how relaxed L and I are as parents – I assumed we would be highly strung and neurotic after our very long, complicated journey to parenthood, but somehow we aren’t.

I am overwhelmed by how much I love him already.



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