Cabin Fever

I officially have pre-baby cabin fever. L and I did not make any plans for June because we were convinced that our baby would make an early appearance. Needless to say, no plans + no baby = two bored lesbians.

Luckily some of our friends have been up for impromptu brunches and coffee meets – and that is helping to pass the time. But I am very sad to be heading back to work tomorrow – I’d much rather be meeting my baby instead.



  1. Mel Said:

    Hello! I really thought you’d be Mum’s by this time. Maybe it’s already happened & you haven’t had time to post. Our little guy arrived without drama. We’ve named him Kai Sage & he is just perfect in every way. We still cannot believe that he is finally here…it’s been a long journey but so worth it. Sending lots of love & baby wishes. Mell, Jules & Kai.

    • M Said:

      Hey Mel

      No baby here yet! Congratulations! I’m so happy to hear Kai arrived safely – great name by the way. 🙂

      Enjoy every second with him – we can’t wait to start our own journey as mums. Hopefully that won’t be much longer away………………


      • Mell Said:

        We are enjoying every second…even when he’s sleeping! Becoming a Mum is the best thing ever…apart from marrying Jules 10 years ago today! Hopefully things will happen for you all very very soon. Being a Mum is more joyous than you can possibly imagine…you have this little angel that brings so much light into your day. We are totally blissed out! Namaste, Mell

  2. owlie Said:

    it is a secret rule taught to the unborn that they can only be born when least expected…it is to torture us and make us realise that from pregnancy onwards the beautiful baby is in control!

    thinking of you often and sernding so much luck for the long-awaited birth. you three are going to be so giddy with happiness it is exciting!!

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