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Our Happy Ending Turned Out to Just Be the Very Beginning

For the last four years since we started trying to have a baby, we have been totally and utterly focused on this moment – the day when our much anticipated baby would arrive. We all had different feelings and thoughts about what it would be like – but L, J and I were committed on making our dream of having baby a reality.

In the midst of all the trauma and heartbreak that infertility and multiple miscarriages brought to us, I saw having a baby as our happy ending that we were keep pursuing as long as we needed to. Only, it turned out that what I thought would be my happy ending – was really just the very beginning of life with our precious child.

Our precious son, Quinn Silas, has arrived!



Cabin Fever

I officially have pre-baby cabin fever. L and I did not make any plans for June because we were convinced that our baby would make an early appearance. Needless to say, no plans + no baby = two bored lesbians.

Luckily some of our friends have been up for impromptu brunches and coffee meets – and that is helping to pass the time. But I am very sad to be heading back to work tomorrow – I’d much rather be meeting my baby instead.