The Baby Warming

Or Baby Non-Shower or Pre-Baby Afternoon Tea or whatever you want to call it. We wanted an opportunity to get together with friends and celebrate our baby’s impending arrival and thank them for their love and support after the last few bumpy years. Strictly no presents (we have so much stuff already) and no baby games – just a house filled with the people we love the most.

We invited about 50 people – expecting about half to come. As it turned out 43 people plus the 3 parents-to-be all crammed into our house on Sunday afternoon for a star themed afternoon tea. It was just a fabulous afternoon – we were completely overwhelmed by everyone’s excitement and happiness for us. Our baby’s gorgeous godmother gave a speech complete with rainbow fairy wings and a wand as props that brought people to tears and made L, J and I feel utterly blessed to have her in our baby’s life.

Our one concession to baby shower type games was to have a tin where anyone could guess the baby’s stats. So far the consensus is split pretty evenly between boys and girls, between the 14-16th of June was the most popular time for arrival – and apparently we might call our baby James, Talisa or Pineapple (apparently because Apple is already taken!)


Seriously it was just an awesome day – although we thought things were going to get even more exciting when Lone had Braxton Hicks contractions every hour for 2 days. I headed off for my uni exam on Monday hopeful that I might be headed somewhere else later that day. I’ve always said I would be happy for bub to come any time after this weekend – once the Pink Concert, Baby-Warming and Uni exam were over. Those are done and dusted so the path is clear – but Bump seems to have other ideas!




  1. Mel Said:

    Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful day celebrating. We wanted to wish you lots of luck & send lots of love for the birth. We may not be around when it’s time as our baby boy will be arriving this Friday 5th. Take care…Namaste, Mel, Jules & Baby Boy.

  2. M Said:

    Mel – how exciting! Thank you for your lovely message – and please email me when that precious boy of your arrives. All the best for a safe and speedy delivery on Friday. M

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