What a Difference a Year Makes

I have struggled with Mother’s Day since my Mum died a few days before it 8 years ago, and once we started TTC, each Mother’s Day that passed without a baby in our arms, became more unbearable. Last year on Mother’s Day – I realised just how much things had changed. Our best couple friends insisted they needed to see us and unexpectedly announced that they had started the process at the fertility clinic to have a baby. To say we were surprised was a definite understatement. One of them has a teen from a previous relationship and she’d been very vocal about not wanting more children. We actually thought they were coming over to tell us they were moving interstate again. Truthfully, I would’ve preferred to hear that instead.

Mother’s Day 2008 ended with L and I crying at the hopelessness of our situation, at the way infertility had changed us, and about the relationships that were suffering because of it. It would be one of the lowest points in our journey.

What a difference a year makes!

Mother’s Day 2009 was almost a non event. L and I had celebrated the night before with her parents, her brother and his girlfriend. So today we pottered around the house, watched some tv and did some packing for the hospital. We didn’t even really notice it was Mother’s Day, which was such a relief after the turmoil and grief this day has bought with it in the past. J sent us the sweetest message saying that although we missed an official first Mother’s Day this year by a few weeks, L and I were the best mums our baby could ask for. Really, what else could we ask for?

33 weeks, 6 days to go – but who’s counting?


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