What is the Non-god Version of Godmother Anyway?

Well, whatever it is, we have one!

Not just any one, mind you, one that was 30 years in the making. T and I have known each other our entire lives – we tell everyone we met “in Utero” because our mums were pregnant at the same time. We were born 6 weeks apart – her first of course – she always does everything first!

When L and I first talked about what we wanted in a “godparent” we wanted someone kind and clever, who was funny and adventurous and brave. Someone passionate, and thoughtful and caring and totally amazing. We were just lucky that we already had that person there all along.

So L, J, T and I headed out to dinner – the 4 originals – and despite bad service and mis-communication between the french waiter, we celebrated how our friendship had begun and where it had taken us to. And with the help of a heartfelt card and the little willow tree figurine “Angel of Caring”, we found ourselves the perfect Godmother. Even if we don’t believe in god!



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