I Don’t Even Like Birds….

So can someone please explain why I am nesting?


Last week was our 7th anniversary – we celebrated by eating take away on the couch – both of us were too tired for anything else. I spent the entire weekend before working on my uni assignment- which I finally finished just before 3am on the day I needed to hand it in. Add an unexpected early morning phone call, several hours at uni and the rest of the day at work, and by night time I was almost comatose. Thankfully, L was quite forgiving of my lack of consciousness – she has trouble staying awake past 9pm these days anyway!

On Tuesday night J made his debut at our birthing classes. We were running late and joined the class as the tour through the birthing unit was starting. You could see a ripple through the group as they realised there was a new dad-to-be in the class….but seemingly no new-mum-to-be! Once we got back to classroom and the three of us sat down together, you could almost hear the communal “ooohhh” of understanding as they realised who he belonged to. L, J and I were the last to leave the nursery area during the tour – there was a tiny baby in a crib just near the window and the three of us stood watching through the glass. Totally surreal to think that the next baby we see through that window will be ours.


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  1. TheMuriels Said:

    Those little cribs are amazing, eh??!! Really hits home.

    Hey, can you send L’s mum over to our place for a spot of cleaning?

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