Little Bit Nervous

Tomorrow night is our first birthing class at the hospital. L and I admitted to each other today that we are a little bit nervous about it – mainly because we are not sure how the rest of the class will respond to the lesbian couple. It’s strange to even admit that – we are certainly not the types to shy away from being totally open about who we are (in fact it has been mentioned that I could afford to be a little less open at times).

It’s just that feeling of apprehension of not knowing what to expect. Perhaps being the only lesbians doing birthing classes at the Catholic hospital wont be a bit deal. Perhaps we wont even be the only lesbians there. Or perhaps we will run screaming to the nearest library to borrow all the birthing information we can find while vowing never to return to such a place of homophobia and bigotry.

Somehow I doubt that last part though.


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  1. TheMuriels Said:

    I’m sure it went really well, but waiting to hear…

    Off to bed now though after our first day back at work. Can you believe C got knocked to the ground by a carer and has an egg on her forehead??!!!

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