Gifts From Friends

L and I are completely and utterly surprised and a little overwhelmed by the love and support of our friends at the moment. We are always saying what amazing people are in our life and how lucky we are, but lately they’ve been extra special. We had a really awful situation with two of our very closest friends when we announced our pregnancy – and although I don’t want to blog about it – it really caused us a lot of grief and hurt. The positive side is that our other friends have been really and truly incredible – and we feel so blessed (or whatever the non-god version of blessed is!)

Firstly, our friends B and R offered to drive our car around for a second weekend so we could have a break from the incessant travelling – so after a four hour drive to have breakfast down south and back, our car has now reached the necessary amount of kilometres and we wont get a huge fringe benefits tax bill. Poor B looked shattered when he bought the car back tonight – but all he could talk about was how much L is glowing. How lovely is he?

We then spent today with The Muriels after their trip to Tassie. L and I missed them like crazy while they were away (even though it was only 10 days) and we were so happy to see them again. Miss C just gets more exquisite every time we see her (even her 18 month old mini tanties are cute). They bought L and I (and the baby) the most beautiful gifts from their trip – so totally us in every way.

Firstly for the baby – a gorgeous little beanie and slipper/baby shoe set – just perfect for our trip back to the cabin when baby arrives!

For L a beautiful hand knitted scarf – so soft and totally her colour too.

And for me a new one-of-a-kind handmade bag, made with vintage corduroy and retro print fabric. I am such a bag girl (not handbags though obviously – that is L’s thing) and I totally love this one, the colours, the print, even the cute girl logo embroidered on it.

So we loved the presents – but really the best bit was that they were thinking of us and realising how well they know us already. Their friendship wins as best gift over a funky retro bag anyday – but I am keeping the bag too!


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  1. TheMuriels Said:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, shucks.


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