A Tiny Wooden Cabin By The Water

The never-ending road trip is finally over and we made the kilometre requirements for our lease car. We have been either on long country drives or overnight trips every weekend for the last 7 weeks and I am totally over it. Two weeks ago we drove down south to spend a night on the coast – only to see the inside of our hotel room and the restaurant attached to the hotel. I was too tired to even do a scenic drive around town, let alone any other touristy thing. Luckily L didn’t want to do anything either – another unexpected joy of having a pregnant (and very tired) partner.

Then last weekend we headed to our favourite “local” holiday spot, a little cabin in the south-west that overlooks the river, is calm and peaceful and happens to be very close to where my godmother and godsister live. We managed a long overdue catch up with them for a few hours – where my godmother proceeded to gush over the impending arrival and ask a thousand questions and catch up on all the gossip. We overindulged at the bakery (best one in all our weekend travels by far) and bought a gorgeous set of wraps for the baby at the one toy shop in town. I even bought my self new converse sneakers at the little alternative boutique – much to the approval of 14 year old godsister who is a converse fan as well.


Then L and I spent a cosy night in our cabin talking about the baby (our favourite subject) and decided that we would come down again for a few days before I returned to work after bub is born. Pretty game I think, to consider staying in a little wooden cabin in one of the coldest places in the state in the middle of winter with a newborn. But we’ve got all those gorgeous baby beanies and booties to get some use out of right? That cabin was where we spent hours talking, planning and dreaming of having a baby – it was totally surreal to realise that the next time we would be there – it would finally be with that precious baby we waited so long for. It’s enough to make you warm and fuzzy on even the coldest winter night in a tiny wooden cabin by the water.



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