We’re On A Road to Nowhere

Sorry for the hiatus in posting – sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

L and I have a lease car that we absolutely love – a cross between sleek urban wheels and family packhorse. The upside is we get to do all our trips and L commutes to work knowing that all petrol and other expenses is covered. The downside is, when your partner has 8 weeks off work with a high risk pregnancy, it makes it hard to do the minimum kilometres in time!

We found out that we needed to do 7000 kms in 7 weeks or risk a huge FBT – so the never-ending roadtrip began. Some friends borrowed and went on a Sunday drive into the country for lunch – 4 hours each way. Then we made a habit of heading into the bush ourselves for a trip to the bakery 300 kms away. Then last weekend we jumped in the car with 3 of our mates and spent 9 hours driving, talking, singing, laughing and learning.

We learned two lesbians, two poofs and a straight girl are not much help when American tourists are bogged in the sand because they went off-road to look at the “Christmas Tree Well”. We learned that the “Christmas Tree Well” is a crappy tourist attraction – well actually we couldn’t find it. We learned that thongs are not helpful when trying to dig a four-wheel-drive out of previously mentioned sand. We learned that most country pubs only served lunch until 2pm on a Sunday – and we didn’t arrive until 2.30pm. We learned that Corrigan roadhouse is not a suitable substitute for a country pub – corn jack anyone? We learned that you can really have the best time ever just doing nothing with the people you love – road trip anyone?

Notice how helpful we all are!

And just because we have been totally slack about bump pics – here’s one at 25 weeks and 1 day!


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