Guitar Baby


There’s a saying about lesbians and guitars. I don’t know what it is exactly, but it’s never stopped me from referring to it on many occasions. Usually in our social circle it’s a reference to a boring party or something like – “It was a bit lesbians-with-guitars-singing-Kumbaya”. I guess that is one of the side effects of having too many drag queens in your social circle – anything remotely folksy is immediately dubbed “Kumbaya-ish”.

But truthfully L and I love music – all kinds of music. And we really, really love lesbians with guitars. We love straight girls with guitars too. So when we were at the pub for dinner tonight with L’s parents and heard the live act warming up, we decided to drop off the parents and come back to watch the gig. This also could have been partly because my father-in-law told us over dinner how we wouldn’t be able to go out much once the baby arrives. Why run screaming for the hills when you can run straight back to the pub to hear girls and guitars.

So we watched this girl-with-guitar who was fantastic and in between songs we wrote plans for our “baby warming” (another story) on the back of coasters. We talked about our plans, we listened to great music, we giggled at the sight of the musos mums and aunties rocking out on the dance floor during the encore and L got kicked all night long. Seems we’ve got a guitar loving baby on our hands. Hmm, perhaps we shouldn’t have laughed – we could be those mums rocking out to our own guitar baby one day. Just as long as there is no Kumbaya!


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