A Room for Our Baby

Despite my best intentions of being totally organised before returning to work in January, the nursery was the one room I didn’t complete in my “nesting” blitz. L has been encouraging me to finish it, but I have struggled to find time and motivation.

But after our last scan on Valentine’s Day, I realised the time had come. So with some help from Aunty S who came to visit from the UK, this is now the room for our baby.

Little Corner Pic

Little Cot Pic

Little Wall Pic

Little Drawer Pic

We are still waiting for white wooden venetians to be fitted, and the white feeding chair to sit under the shelf, and once the baby is born we will add some blue or pink accents as well as the baby’s name is white wooden letters above the cot. But other than that, it is finished. And we couldn’t be happier.



  1. Mel Said:

    The room is gorgeous & very stylish…and such a huge difference from the other photo! You’ve done a wonderful job…the tree is beautiful..the colours serene. Our baby is due around the same time as yours. It’s an exciting time! Good Luck!

  2. M Said:

    Thanks Mel. We struggled for a long time to find the perfect “baby” colour for the nursery that was suitable for a boy or a girl. In the end we picked a total non-baby colour – and we think it’s perfect.

    Have you got your nursery organised yet?

  3. R Said:

    What a gorgeous nursery!! I love it!! Glad to be able to follow your journey!

  4. Mel Said:

    Yes, we agree…the colour is perfect.

    As we’re renting at the moment (long story) we have limited decorating options. But the nursery is bright & airy & filled with lots of colour.

    Good Luck!

  5. M Said:

    Hi R – thank you! Nice to have another reader.

    Mel – do you know if your baby is a boy or girl? Also – do you belong to a yahoo group for same sex parents? I was updating my profile and saw a couple on there who’s bub is due 2 days before ours – I wondered if it might be you?

  6. Mel Said:

    We’re having a boy! We chose to find out as we waited 2 years for this little soul to find us & we just couldn’t wait another 9 months. Yes, we are on LPA & our boy is due 18th June. Although delivery will be early June as J is having a planned caesarean. Do you know if you’re having a boy or girl?

  7. M Said:

    Congratulations on your baby boy!

    Our baby is due June 20th – although for some reason we think it will be earlier than that. We aren’t finding out gender – although J would love to, we all agreed to wait and see. Funny, our reasons were it took so long (3 years of fertility treatment) that there wasn’t much let that wasn’t planned etc so we wanted that surprise at least! Poll of our family and friends – 75% think boy – but we absolutely don’t mind either way!

  8. Mel Said:

    It is funny how we all feel different in similar situations. Another reason for us to find out gender was that we’re knitters & crocheters. We had many projects we wanted to start which were very gender specific.

    I remember reading that you went to see Ani…we did too…in Sydney! Baby bubbles was kicking all through the concert. Best he gets used to Ani very early on…LOL.

    Good Luck with everything…not long to go now for all of us…very exciting.

    I’ll be sure to keep checking in.

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