A Loveheart For Valentine’s Day


L and I don’t really get into Valentine’s Day much. We usually exchange cards and maybe head out for dinner or a movie, but mostly we think it’s commercial and not at all romantic. So today’s Valentine’s Day outing will be hard to beat in the years to come – we spent our morning at the scanning clinic watching our baby’s heart beat. It might have been in black and white, with questionable directing and definitely no Dolby Digital Sound, but that little screening was better than Love Actually, Catch Me if You Can or any other cheesy movie we’ve seen on February 14th in previous years. Update from sonographer was that our baby’s heart is perfect, and everything else was looking good. We didn’t get a 3D of the face today though – baby was playing hide-and-seek with the “paparazzi” and kept hiding behind it’s hands. Typical.

We headed off for a lazy lunch at our favourite local cafe, and then stopped to check out a sleep monitor at the baby shop. It is starting to feel very real now, and I am suddenly desperate to get everything organised. One of our friends who has been living overseas for the last couple of years came over tonight. She and her ex-partner were very close friends of ours when they lived here and we haven’t seen either of them since they separated last year. We seriously had such a fantastic time. We spent hours and hours just talking and laughing and catching up. She and I spent most of the evening painting the nursery and putting up the feature wall decal L and I ordered from the states months ago. By the time she left after midnight, we’d put most of the nursery back together (pics later), as well as crammed in 2 years of friendship and love into 8 hours. I am so sad to see her go again, but L and I planted a seed of thought that she might need to meet us in New York for Christmas next year. Who could resist that, right?


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