Is That a Foot or Are You Just Happy to See Me?


On Friday night L and I went scrapbooking with four of our besties. We have been totally slack scrapbookers – we haven’t even properly photo-journalled this pregnancy. I mean, one “bump” photo in 21 weeks? Pathetic, I know. Our scrapbook room is upstairs which gets ridiculously hot during summer and so between that, L being tired frequently and our new swimming pool, scrapbooking hasn’t been high on the list of priorities. But we agreed to go to a scrapping with the girls (and our boy bestie B) and what a fantastic night we had. I achieved absolutely nothing – ok, I made two invitations for our “baby warming” (another story) but really, most of the night I just talked and laughed and had a ball catching up with awesome people.

The night was already a hit – especially when one lady loudly announced to B that he was a “game man” for coming scrapbooking. Unfortunately the girls misheard her and thought she said “gay man” and fits of giggles were heard throughout the shop. Needless to say, “You’re game” was the catch-cry for the rest of the evening. But then the night got even better – after going on the dinner run, L came up to me with a huge smile on her face and took my hand and pressed it onto her stomach – and I felt our baby for the very first time! There was a little foot (we are assuming it was a foot) pushing against my hand – I was so overwhelmed. Then everyone else came running for a feel – luckily L is very accommodating and was quite happy to let them all poke and prod her. While I was watching them all fuss around her, I thought about how perfect it was that our bub made an appearance while we were with these friends. I couldn’t have picked better people to share it with us – we are truly blessed having them in our lives.

Special mention goes to Aunty J for most inappropriate (but hilarious) comment of the night – “Scrapbooking is really like Nanna’s Night Out”. Haha – just the thing to announce loudly in a room full of older women. 😀


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