An unexpected Bonus of Not Being the Tummy Mummy

My thoughts on advantages of not being the tummy mummy have varied from no morning sickness to worry about (apart from bringing L a glass of water while she is violently spewing in the bathroom) to enjoying sushi and fresh prawns without any concerns except shall I have them before or after brie and crackers. I had no ambitions to be the tummy mummy and so far what I have seen L go through only confirms that egg mummy was a far better option.

The one bonus I didn’t expect about my role in our baby making process is how easy it has made coming out. I mean, Ellen went to all that trouble to announce it on her tv show and then do the rounds of media interviews hashing out the same old “so how did you know you were gay” spiel. If she’d just hooked up with Portia earlier and had a baby, it would’ve been so much easier. Let me explain a little further.

I’ve been Acting Manager at work for the last 8 months while my boss has been on leave. The plan was always that she would return, but she has decided to resign, leaving the job available. Ninety percent of this role I have relished and I have learned so much during my time – but it was never supposed to be for this long, let alone permanently. It is not very family friendly, and especially not newborn baby friendly and for that reason I have asked to return to my previous role as Assistant Manager. This has been greeted with surprise from lots of my colleagues, many of whom didn’t know I was gay, because they assumed I would like to continue in the role. Not because I was hiding it – I am very open, but because I don’t have a lot to do with them in my regular position. I work in a different building and it’s never seemed appropriate in the brief interactions I had with them to say, “Hey can you sign this document for me, and by the way, I am a lesbian.”

BUT, add a pregnant girlfriend into the mix and all of a sudden it’s a new playing field – one with rainbow coloured streamers and gay boy cheerleaders shouting out encouragement. I officially have a new motto everytime I am asked why I am not taking the job permanently – “My partner is pregnant and our baby is due in June so it isn’t a good time to take on extra work commitments – I want to focus on my family.” Hmm, Ellen and her “new character called Les B. Anne” jokes are looking a bit silly now aren’t they?

Seriously though, I knew parenting and lesbian parenting was going to open up whole new worlds to me – I just didn’t realise how easy it would make opening up my world to others.

It is just the best thing ever.


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    Pretty cool, eh?

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