Who’s Eggs In Whose Basket? (Part One)

So anyway, back to now.

L and I had decided that her eggs must be the problem so we spoke to our FS about using my eggs for L to carry.  Although he was a little suprised he agreed that it was worth a try – even if he did look at us like “crazy lesbians are in the building”.  But I take comfort in the fact that we are his ONLY same sex clients ever, so anything we do must seem a little out there at first.  Just think how easy we are making it for his future lesbian clients without any fertility issues!

So the three of us headed back for  another round of counselling with the clinic counsellor (apparently our situation is totally undefinable in terms of the current laws so we had to do one more round to “cover our bases”).  My utter outrage about being dragged back there again was somewhat mollified when the counsellor agreed that the situation was unfair and told us she was taking it to the ethics committee to be rectified.  Thank you muchly.

Counselling was interesting.  We went in determined that I would start IVF drugs straight away but somehow that turned into L doing one more EPU.  The counsellor recommended that L needed to do one more round of IVF for closure.  I was ok with that (actually relieved) but a couple of days later I was feeling anxious to get on with trying something new.  Lucky for me L told me first that she didn’t want to do another EPU – and she wanted to try using my eggs straight away.

First IVF cycle started well.  Handled all the injections, managed to squeeze in blood tests around work and managed not to punch a different FS doing my first internal ultrasound when she suggested it would be easier to just get pregnant myself.  Ok, like we didn’t consider that before going down this totally difficult path!  Fucking hell – it is hard to be self righteous with your pants off.

First IVF cycle ended badly.  14 follicles but only one egg so cycle was cancelled.  One distraught angry lesbian (me) trying to be consoled by the other distraught but less angry lesbian (L).  Once again I ponder why we are so useless at this baby making process when obviously any other crack whore questionable character with a uterus can do it.  As displayed daily in front of our fertility clinic.  If I ever need to give directions I could just say, following the row of heavily pregnant women chain-smoking while attached to IV fluid drips, shrieking at several of their other offspring while discussing what to spend the baby bonus on the time (give you a clue – it isn’t the baby).  The IVF medication bag should come with a brick in the bottom.

I crashed and burned.  But I got up again…………


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